Why Leave the EU?


Muslims for Britain believe that by leaving the European Union, Britain has an opportunity to grow as an independent strong Britain.

Here are is why we believe leaving the EU would be beneficial for British people:


  • By leaving the European Union, Britain would be free to make its own free trade deals with commonwealth countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Currently, any free trade deal have to be made with the consent of the European Union. As emerging economies grow in strength, we believe, having the ability to make free trade deals will be beneficial to Britain’s economy.
  • As the vast majority of SMEs, the backbone of the UK economy, do very little or no trade with the EU, by leaving the EU, there will be a significant reduction in red tape. This reduces the cost on businesses and allows businesses to trade and innovate more freely. Such a benefit would have a positive effect on Britain’s economic growth.
  • We are currently one of the largest contributors to the EU budget. We believe the net contribution to the EU, could be better used by keeping it in the UK, funding infrastructure projects in the UK ranging from Roads to Hospitals.
  • By regaining our sovereignty, Britain will be able to make decisions that are good for the British people without interference from technocrats in Brussels. Our democratically elected members of Parliament are answerable to the electorate and so by leaving the European Union, this will help to reinforce our democratic principles.